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Furnished/Non-Furnished Apartments & Commercial Spaces

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Furnished/Non-Furnished Apartments & Commercial Spaces

No matter what your accommodation requirements, Grandiose can provide a comprehensive accommodation solution. With an in-depth knowledge of local leasing markets and on-the-ground real estate experts, Grandiose provides flexible lease options with affordable rates.



Grandiose can provide furnished/non-furnished apartments and villas, based on the specific requirements of our clients. No matter what your housing needs, Al Wawan can meet your requests and requirements. We offer affordable leases on a wide selection of luxury apartments and villas throughout the Middle East. To accommodate varying lengths of stay, we provide a variety of short- and long-term lease options.

Office Leasing

Whether you’re establishing a full-time project or start-up office, Grandiose’s turnkey solutions will meet all your office needs. Freeing employees from the minutia of office set-up can ease transition and speed project progress. Depending on your space needs, Grandiose can secure affordable lease options on a single office or large office suite. We also provide office support, including clerical staff, technical support and linguists. Our familiarity with local projects and headquarters can ensure your office space is conveniently located, thereby reducing unnecessary travel times and improving employee safety.


Grandiose offers short- and long-term lease options for a variety of warehousing facilities, including storage yards, and ambient and climate-controlled spaces. Our long history with the Middle East warehousing market grants us a distinct advantage in lease negotiations, and we can secure affordable rates for everything from minimal warehousing up to 100,000-square-foot spaces. Grandiose provides turnkey warehouse solutions, with all equipment and racking included in lease terms. Staffing, experienced warehouse clerks and transportation/distribution support are available upon request. All warehouse space is fully insured and includes 24-hour security service, secure loading docks, drive-in facilities and inventory control. Finally, our expertise in logistics management allows Grandiose to offer commercial-style warehouse and distribution management solutions that are tailor-made to meet your requirements.

We provide you the above with full amenities which include but not limited to:

  •   Fully furnished/non-furnished apartments or offices
  •   High speed internet
  •   24 hour maintenance services
  •   Satellite TV
  •   Private covered/uncovered parking facility
  •   24-hour security service
  •   Staff & Labors
  •   Fitness equipments and Swimming Pools.